Lee Simonov Services integrates technology with education and life sciences. We own and operate brands and services that improve the quality and appeal of educational and life sciences.

Technology is growing at an extremely rapid pace. Integrating the education and medical fields with technology is critical to bringing these fields into the 21st century. We develop tools through which individuals can more powerfully interact with technology in the life sciences, education, and other contexts. We find solutions because we understand the problems.

Our core competencies center on our ability to audit, redesign and improve existing platforms to improve the user and administrator experience, as well as our ability to generate independent and integrated products from scratch.

We are experts in developing web and software tools as well as upgrading existing platforms. We are big thinkers with impeccable attention to detail. As tinkerers, developers, and innovators, we are committed to pushing the envelope integrating technology, life sciences, and education.